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Soli Deo Gloria stained glass windows main hall Paradiso


Simone, Ronald, Peter
1979 foto: Martijn de Jonge
1st time mainhall supporting the Ruts Paradiso




Alex 1979 Paradiso


Eric, Alex, Ronald, Peter, Simone
1979 foto: Martijn de Jonge, Leidseplein Amsterdam
the Bugs have just performed at the first Uitmarkt festival
Paradiso in the back



1979 foto: Martijn de Jonge
Leidseplein Amsterdam


Alex, Ronald, Peter, Eric
1979 Leidseplein Amsterdam


 1979 NRC gebouw Amsterdam

Peter, Ronald
1979 Witte brug Amsterdam

Peter, Ronald, Heinrich
1979 Witte brug Amsterdam

Nacht tegen van Agt 1979 Amsterdam

Ronald, Peter, Simone, Rob
1980 Paradiso with four Bugs on stage

Ronald, Carlo, Peter, Rob, Simone
1980 foto: Marjan Schnitger, Leidseplein Amsterdam


a collection of some of the Bugs live performances

van Eeghenstraat Amsterdam 1978

Alex, Ronald
1979 foto: Ruud van Eck
upstairs small stage Paradiso

Paradiso Amsterdam 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 2007


Akhnaton 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983

Uitmarkt Leidseplein Amsterdam 1979

Kaasee & Exit Rotterdam 1979, 1980, 1981

400.000 people were in Amsterdam on the streets
in 1981 at the anti-nuclear demonstration
the Bugs played on stage in front of the Westerkerk




soon available
original Bugs recordings from

Akhnaton Amsterdam 1978

Buurthuis Ursem 1979

De Koog Noord Scharwoude 1980

found black/white video live in main hall Paradiso
political manifestation 1981
soon on you tube
model-maker not complete and more

Gigant Apeldoorn 1981

Victoria bioscoop Amsterdam 1982

Rios Oostwoud 1982

Wijers Amsterdam 1983

Paris tapes 1983

Amsterdam tapes 1983

Carlo, Ronald, Simone, Peter, Rob
1980 Keizersgracht Amsterdam the Rousers in the back


lost recordings

'we're gonna use the accoustics of the whole building'
lost recordings live in Paradiso 1981
Paradiso was closed for the weekend
we took up our equipment from our rehearsing space in the cellar
placed it in the middle of the main hall
we played and recorded the whole weekend
the recordings and performance were great
recorded by Phillip
and never heard again
who knows someone has a copy

the Bugs support U2 in Paradiso
recorded by the BBC 1981

concert in Posthoornkerk Amsterdam
broadcasted on pirate tv 1981

Ronald, Rob
1980 supporting the Selecter Paradiso

Vrije Keizer Amsterdam 1980

the Bugs in jail 1980
Havenstraat Amsterdam

Akhnaton Amsterdam 1983

Peter and Ronald live in Paris 1983

Peter, Ronald, Simone, Alex
1979 Bakkerij Castricum

Eric, Peter, Simone, Ronald, Alex
1979 Bakkerij Castricum

1979 Bakkerij Castricum

Stad radio Amsterdam tapes 1977, 1978

havenstaking Rotterdam being documented on film
september 15 th,1979
Bugs perfomance live in Kaassee
rumours say 30 minutes the Bugs on film
Jules Deelder might have a copy

Amsterdamse Bos
on stage for 10.000 people
during 'nacht tegen van Agt'
partly broadcasted by Dutch television june 22nd, 1979


1979 foto Rob Bary: Akhnaton Amsterdam


the Bugs doing an advertisement
Marijn (our manager),
model, Rob, Alex, Peter
(Simone and Ronald are missing)
1979 Hilversum

with the earned money we
bought the old PA system from the Nits
with whom we shared our first rehearsing space
in Akhnaton

in 1979 the Bugs move to huize Chaos  Sarphatistraat Amsterdam

drawing Hugo Kaagman 1979


Peter, Ronald, Simone
1979 interview 422 in Huize Chaos

1979: Paradiso offers the Bugs
a rehearsing space in the cellar

Paradiso Amsterdam


The 12# vinyl 'Emotion' was released february 1981
on Torso records
sub label vr 21674

Now available on cd:


with the songs:

treat of modern beat
special view
split personality (...two sides of gold)

Harvey und Britgitte Rot
Too much emotion

drawing Joost Swarte


the same week the Bugs played:

in Get records
Utrechtsestraat 105, Amsterdam

at their opening party

supporting U2 in Paradiso



listen to 'Fact' on:


the Comsat Angels
22 april 1981
main hall Paradiso:

More songs on:






1981 cellar Paradiso

1981 rehearsing Paradiso


Peter, Rob, Simone, Carlo
1981 rehearsing Paradiso

end 1981 the group formation starts to change again

Paradiso claiming the cellar

in 1982 the Bugs are still playing all over the country
main hall Paradiso

1982 Paradiso non Martin Kaye poster

different rehearsing spaces
old Victoria cinema Amsterdam
Weijers Amsterdam

Bugs release in 1982 a 7# single

and the cassette 'public demo's'
on their own 'Amstel' label
recorded in the studio of stichting popmuziek Nederland
Wibautstraat Amsterdam

1983 last Bugs concert in Akhnaton

in the summer Ronald and Peter move to play in Paris for a week

all the musicians continuing in their own way

sometimes together


more info on


in 2007 the songs were only on tapes
we converted them digitally
creating the cd brought many old friends together
but also the knowledge of having lost many along the way in 30 years
in memory of all

thanx to all


one two three four